Pool Monitor Now In Place at the Pool


Posted June 21, 2010


In an attempt to improve everyone's enjoyment at the pool, the Board decided to enlist the services of a pool monitoring company.  There have been numerous reports of people using the pool who do not have working pool cards which either means that they are not Lowes Farm residents or have unpaid homeowner dues. There have also been reports of underage children at the pool alone and large groups of guests at the pool being disorderly.


The pool monitor will have a guard on site that will be checking cards and ID's and having everyone sign in when entering the pool. He will also monitor the behavior of the pool visitors just to make sure that all pool rules are being adhered to. Please be advised that this individual is not a life guard and will not serve in that capacity.


Again, you will be required to have a working pool card to have access to the pool. So if you never received a card, your card is not working, or if you need a replacement card; please e-mail reservations@premiercommunities.net. Replacement cards are $15 each.



Thank you all for your cooperation and again, these additional measures are being put in place in attempt to increase everyone's safety and enjoyment at the pool.  We are confident this will be successful and would appreciate any feedback from the homeowners on their thoughts.