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Lowe's Farm along with area communities with be hosting  the Mansfield Candidate Forum at Danny Jones Middle School on April 23, 2009 at 6:30 PM.   Click Here  for more information.

Chesapeake Energy To Drill on Carizzo Oil's Gas Well Site

The Board has recently found out that Chesapeake Energy will be drilling at the gas well site originally planned by Carizzo Oil next to Lowe's Farm.  The Board is planning to meet with Chesapeake on October 9th to get the full details on this change, any impacts on the gas lease the Board had previously signed with Carrizo Oil, and when drilling will commence. CLICK HERE for more information. 9/18/08


AT&T Nears Completion of DSL Project

HIGH SPEED INTERNET.    AT&T has installed a new switching station on our western property line.  It will provide DSL internet service for all of Lowe’s Farm.    Although AT&T has not provided us a firm date,   look for that availability in the seconded quarter of 2008.    Charter has still not signaled any interest in providing cable service to Phase 2. 1/31/2008 

Traffic Notice

Construction for the widening and instillation of traffic signals at  HWY 360 and Broad St. has begun.  This project is expected to be completed in the next few months.

Shops at Lowe's Farm Update

Here are a few updates concerning the Shops at Lowe’s Farm retail area and surrounding road work:

-  Construction is in progress on two strip units of the Phase 1 retail project.  The two units will be located on the north and sound sides of the new Broad Street connection on the Southwest corner of our neighborhood.    We do not have good information on the tenants but they are expected to be the typical tenants for that type of retail center:  insurance, sandwich or do-nut shop, nail salon, etc.

-  There are plans for a corner convenience store/gas station but it is not under construction and no tenant has been identified at this time.

-  Broad Street extension and relocation along with the Holland extension improvement is expected to be completed and open before the end of the year.  Signal lights have already been installed.

- The State of Texas has approved much needed signal lights and lane addition/widening on East Broad and SH 360 but there is a potential delay of as long as a year because of state bureaucratic red tape.   Our letter to the state expressing displeasure about this situation can be found here:
Please feel free to write your own letter as well.   If we all complain, we may get this handled sooner.

-  Work will continue through the winter on the Broadstone at Lowe’s Farm apartment community with expected leasing to begin in the Spring of 2008.

-  Phase 2 of the Shops at Lowe’s Farm will include a full service grocery store.   No grocer has been identified and there is no stated time frame for this development.

Information on the Shops at Lowe’s Farm and all of the development surrounding our neighborhood can always be found here. 10/23/07



There have been challenges throughout the past year.  As a result, the board recently voted to terminate the agreement of the previous landscape vendor.   As of October 28, our neighborhood is being maintained by a new landscape company that we expect will be better positioned to service our common areas.     You will also notice that the front common area entrance and castle area have been over-seeded in an effort to keep our entrance as attractive as possible during the winter months.   The rye seeding requires that the irrigation systems operate frequently for the next week or so.    The Landscape Committee is also reviewing bids and proposals for holiday lighting with a focus on enhancing the coverage of the decorations this year, and the committee is also planning a number of noticeable landscape enhancements throughout the neighborhood during the winter months and into next spring.     If you would like to nominate a yard for yard of the month or join the landscape committee,  please email that nomination to    10/23/07

Direct Mail Pieces

The past three attempts we have made at direct mailing information to the neighborhood (the Woodcrest mailing, our last newsletter, and the recent announcement concerning the fall festival) were each delayed in being delivered because of vendor issues between our management company and two different direct mail vendors.    The board and the management company have taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.   10/23/07

HOA Enforcement Actions

Board members are frequently asked to take action on habitual CCR violators.  Common complaints include yard maintenance, automobiles & boats, unapproved modifications, and overall nuisance issues such as vicious dogs.    The biggest responsibility of the board of directors is to enforce the CCR’s of the association.    We strive very hard to do this fairly and consistently.    On occasion you may become frustrated when you report an issue to the management company, board, or the ACC Committee only to see that the issue seems to ether go unaddressed for a period of time, or it recurs again at a later time.   There are very specific state laws that the HOA must follow in addressing all of the reported and observed violations.  The board of directors has instructed Premier Communities to review our practices to ensure that we are utilizing every tool possible to address habitual violations.   In addition, by law the board must take action to collect non-payment of assessments.  Action related to non-payment includes multiple certified notices, lien and, unfortunately and as a last resort, foreclosure in cases where the assessments have gone unpaid for an extended period of time with no effort from the property owner to settle the account.  Currently the HOA owns one home in the neighborhood after foreclosing on it for non payment of assessments, and we are in the regrettable process of foreclosure on four additional homes where homeowners have refused to communicate in any way or make arrangements concerning non payment of assessments for two years.   Anytime you have a question concerning your HOA account, please contact Premier Communities at 214-389-1377.    10/23/07       

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of volunteers for our committees.  In particular, we are looking for a Safety Committee chair and more block captains.   We are also looking for additional members to serve on the social committee and the landscape committee.    If you are interested in serving, please contact .  10/23/07


HOA Collection of Delinquent Accounts

As members of an incorporated mandatory homeowner’s association in the State of Texas, the large majority of property owners in Lowes Farm pay their annual assessments as required in the associations covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCRs) and bylaws.   The CCRs require that the LFHOA Board of Directors act on behalf of the membership of the HOA to use all legal remedies available to the association to collect delinquent annual assessments, associated late fees, and fines related to ACC violations, up to and including the filing of property liens and foreclosure, and to limit access to HOA common areas such as the amenity center to members who are in good standing with the HOA, in accordance with state law.  5/07

HOA Increases Vigilance on Landscape Issues

One of the biggest concerns voiced by the residents of Lowe’s Farm is the appearance of the neighborhood.  Most residents are very proud of their homes and work hard to keep their yards well manicured and beautiful.    The ACC and the  Management Company work together act on complaints received and conduct regular “drive-throughs” to identify potential violations of ACC related CCRs  and board-approved guidelines.    

In response to homeowner concerns, The Board of Directors recently voted to instruct the management company to increase enforcement of the HOA’s CCR’s related to yard maintenance.

Initial action typically involves a “friendly reminder” letter being mailed to the property owner of the observed violation.   This first letter is simply a courtesy reminder, of which many are sent every after management company drive-throughs.  When the violation isn’t handled or when becomes an ongoing issue, escalation can include legal action as dictated in the CCRs and in accordance with state law.

In extreme and recurring circumstances, the Board has authorized the management company to complete the yard maintenance and bill the cost to the homeowner.

The ACC also works in tandem with the management company to review and render a decision on architectural requests. 

REMEMBER, making an improvement to the exterior of your property without obtaining the ACC approval is a serious violation of the CCRs.  The Board of Directors is  required by the HOA  by-laws and CCRs to enforce the remedy of any violation.   

Requesting a modification is easy.   The ACC Modification Request form is available here or by calling Premier Communities.   Completing the form in it’s entirety will help your project in getting  approval in a timely manner. 

If you have not obtained approval for any previous improvements, please do so immediately, so an approval can be recorded in the association’s files.  


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